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About blublu!

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Born and raised in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Blublu enjoys writing, reading, running and Vinyasa yoga. Naturally, she also adores knitting and crocheting. Attempts to do all of the above simultaneously has resulted in her reading/writing about knitting/crocheting, and thinking about such a fancy while running (and not yoga'ing because you're not suppose to think about much!). In denial that she has an addiction to wooly crafts, Blublu may be found all about town with her needles surgically attached to her hands. She wholly denies that Edward KnitterNeedlehands is an appropriate nickname.

blubluberries was launched January 23, 2005 and is solely an online venture. With a philosophy that everything should be made to fit the customer, blubluberries specializes in materializing the client's concept. Be it specific colors, stitches, or design, blubluberries seeks to enhance individuality rather than smother it with mass-produced apparel.

Being that blublu designs and implements personal handmade items, the meaning of "blubluberries" would be that each customer gets the thoughts/fruits of her labour. Again, individuality and personalization is of top priority.

If you are interested in discussing designs, or would like to purchase something displayed on the site, please contact Blublu. If you are a craftster as well, she may be interested in trading blubluberries items for your works of art!