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Chun, Vancouver BC

"It's a mouse!" "It's a bunny!" No, it's a Blublubear! XD Me and my dolls own a few Blubluberries creations and we proud of it! Each item comes with a thoughtful and fun filled Blubluberries' personalised care card, what's written on it brings a big smile on our faces, just like the Blubluwares! Dare we not say, we're in "puppy love"? ;P

Leah, Seattle WA

After seeing Blubluberries Bandabear TP Cover and finding out that it turns a regular roll of toilet paper into fancy facial tissue, I HAD to have one! Being the individualistic nut that I am, however, (and having been put off of pandas for life due to a unfortunate class assingment) I asked for a grizzlybear edition :D Blublu was as excited about the idea as I was! The next thing I knew he was winging his way to my mailbox. He is now adorning my desk at work and making me smile on a daily basis! Blubluberries Blythe hats aren't to be missed either! Any outfit can be made more adorable with a sassy bear hat ;)

Sophia, Vancouver BC

What more can I say about the exquisite handy work? Great pattern, great quality, great design…two thumbs up* I love parading around my lovely grey toque (with its happy sunflower — which is also crocheted) and receiving compliments from friends and strangers! AND, knowing I’m the only one who has it makes my day. Lovehugs, Sophia

Jerry, Vancouver BC

It's not often you find such a fun and unique line of quality hand-crafted products. I've now purchased six hats from blubluberries. Six! Five were gifts, and every recipient totally loved her hat (some of the recipients aged 20+ liked theirs even more than the 3-year old did). And the sixth hat? I wear it myself! A fineBluBluGrizzlyBear with a proudly curious face, it never fails to attract smiles whenever and wherever I wear it. The next time I'm looking for an original and memorable gift, I'll be sure to visit Blubluberries again.

Rik, London UK

As a customer, I can't rate Blubluberries highly enough! Both the items I've ordered have come out absolutely perfect, exactly how I wanted. I love my new scarf, and it really is a satisfying feeling to see my vision in the, er, wool, and knowing it's totally unique! Similarly my girlfriend loves her arm warmers and they fit perfectly. I was kept up to date during the knitting process in a helpful and friendly manner, and the turn-around was much quicker than I expected. So if you want a hand-made, one of a kind, knitted wearable, you've definitely come to the right place! Once your blublu items arrive you can wear 'em proudly and rack up the compliments!

Amy, New York NY

I love my blublubear hat! I haven't gotten a chance to wear it all that much, but when I put it on my head, my head and ears are always warm and toasty. Blublu is very creative with her items. I have no doubt she can make anything you request or at least give the idea a try. Blublu doesn't disappoint. :-)

Olivia, Vancouver BC

I love my Blublubaa, and I'm sure that my friend will love hers for her birthday as well. Great job blublu, and thanks for meeting me downtown to deliver the highly anticipated sheep. =)

Dez, Vancouver BC

Blublu is one of the most honest people I know; you can count on her to customize exactly to your taste -- or at least die trying. And the exact moment you get your hands on one of her products, you are 100% guaranteed to smile. Blublu puts so much care and originality into her work, someday she’ll be rivaling Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, etc. with her exquisite line of products. Supermodels will be begging to strut down her runways sporting Blublu Penguin hats and BandaBear Totes. To top it off, Ikea will steal the patent for those TP covers. (Watch out Blublu!!) Even if you’re not a big fan of wooly knits or rare lil’ crafts, you can’t help but fall in love with her website blurbs. ;)

Cheryl, Sacramento CA

Blublu worked very hard with me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. The Turquoise Waters scarf ended up way better than I had pictured it in my mind! I knew i was in good hands after checking out blubluberries.com that i was going to get quality merchandise. Thanks Blublu for making my dreams come true =)

Bonnie, Boston MA

Thanks to blubluberries, I got my four bridemaids some fun party favors! blublubaa, moo, meow, and bear are so cute! and they arrived earlier than anticipated!
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