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Kazumi, Vancouver BC

When I saw the bear & sheep bag buddies on the website, I just loved them. When I received my order of the critters, I loved them even more. They were cuter than I had expected. Also, the stitches were very nice & neat; I was actually impressed. Blublubear bag buddy goes everywhere with me. Whenever I go out, I attach it to my bag. All my friends tell me how cute it is and that makes me feel really good. =) Thanks blubluberries!

Danny, Durham UK

I recieved your package last week and the [blythe] hat is so adorable! I couldn't actually stop myself from going 'ahwww' haha. [My blythe] actually hasn't had it off her head since it arrived haha. Thank you lots and lots, its great.

John, New York NY

I asked blublu to make me a turtle after I saw the danglies that she had knitted, and I wanted to see if she could make a turtle one, even though I wouldn't dangle it off my bag. I didn't have any visual image of it, but after I saw the finished product it was great! It's next to me on my nightstand with all the other turtles I have, but her's stands out because it was handmade with wonderful care. Good Stuff!!! Will Order Again, Fast Shipping, Great Seller!!! A++... oh wait, this isn't Ebay =)

Adam, Vancouver BC

I "contracted" blublu to make me a gift for a friend of mine for christmas, just like last year. There are quotes around "contracted" because I actually kidnapped her and locked her in the storage space connected to my kitchen. I fed her nothing but bread and water until she finished. I was so pleased with the results that I not only let her go, but paid her for the set as well. Blublu does it again! Thanks!... and sorry.
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