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CEO-Appropriate Brioche Scarf

CEO-Appropriate Brioche Scarf

Did your CEO or manager raise an eyebrow to your penguin scarf? Did you get your boss for the Secret Santa gift exchange? If it's the latter, you may want to hand make him/her something yourself. My strategy behind this is that the possible criticism that normally would land on your whacky gift of a hand-made macaroni-sculpture of Elvis (before he got heavy) would land on your manager's possibly unappreciative reaction. "You poor soul, slaving 40 hours with white glue and pasta bits only to have your gift unappreciated by your boss!" will be heard company-wide.

If you're not looking forward to an evening of tweezers, white glue, and pasta, order this brioche stitch scarf in your choice of color. Brioche stitch looks like ribbing but it doesn't bunch together. I heard bunching is a bad thing in some instances...think about it! Pair the word "bunching" with "underroos"; completely unpleasant. It is also an excellent self-gift and completely office appropriate.